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  1. This thread is for everyone to list any internet sites that offer some kind of trading advice, stock picks, trading systems. Let's get them all compiled in one place.

    Write a two or three sentence comment on each one if you want.

    You could rate them like the 5 star rating system if you want, for instance:

    :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool: I couldn't trade without this site!

    :):):):) This site is pretty good for some general advice. It costs $50 a month, I'd say it's worth it.

    (3 smileys) You might find some useful material out of this one. Decide for yourself if it's worth $80 a month to you.

    (2 smileys) This site isn't too great, but it is free, and I just use it for its charts.

    :mad: This is just a ripoff! It's just good for a laugh, because it's free.

    (looks like there's a limit of 10 smileys per message, so this might not work for listing several good sites on one post)
  2. If you want to learn about Single Stock Futures, the best place to start is the sites of the exchanges themselves:

    NQLX and OneChicago offer some SSF that are different from each other, so they're worth checking both out, and also their educational materials are not identical. is a Futures & Options broker with some good educational materials on their site for Single Stock Futures and also other Futures.
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  4. Online, I recommend:

    There are also some interesting reads (even though they may often not be totally relevant to trading, some of the reads are interesting) on but I try and avoid anything by Cramer, whose voice, words and beard make me wanna puke...

    In terms of magazines, I recommend Active Trader Magazine... its more focused on daytrading than Stocks and Commodities magazine, but I still recommend S&C for general reading while relaxing... is where you can find some online stuff for S&C...