List the Founding Fathers of Trading(Technical Analysis/Fundamental)

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  1. Please list their names here and I'd like to know your favorite and why.

    Me personally, I like Jim Rogers for investing because he started his commodity fund at the right time as commodity prices were very over-looked.
  2. Cutten


    Buffett for deep value investing.

    Soros/Rogers for global macro.

    Richard Dennis for trend-following.

    William O'Neill for growth-stock momentum trading.

    Victor Niederhoffer for naked put writing :p
  3. Any past names you like? Like Wyckoff?
  4. In order of importance, imo:

    1. Wyckoff

    2. Schabacker

    3. Taylor

    4. Livermore

    5. Edwards and Magee

    6. Dunnigan

    7. Donchian

    8. Tubbs

    9. Keltner

    10. Nelson
  5. empee


    George Lane for inventing stochastics.
  6. O Neil

    he should be on there somewhere
  7. ess1096


    Charles Dow..........everyone else just built on his ideas, including Elliot.
  8. MGJ


    Louis Bachelier (1900). His Wikipedia entry is (here)
  9. thrunner


    Mune Homma 1755; Golden fountain, the three monkey's secret method of money. All others are derivatives. The original text in Kanji is available online from a 1895 print. Most of the early American analysts including Dow and others were awared of Homma's work.
  10. wd gann

    john bollinger

    glen nealy

    larry williams

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