List of Trading Seminars?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by DisciplinedHedg, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. Anyone know of a link or resource that gives a list of upcoming trading seminars. The major trading seminars and tradeshows and smaller ones would be great.

    I've looked around but haven't found a good resource.
  2. ddog


    Does anyone know what happened to the Online Trading Expo that they usually hold in Anaheim, CA this time of year? I have looked around but can't find any information on it.
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    Chris C

  4. Ken_DTU


    from what I understand there is going to be no more Anaheim convention ... I hope it comes back, Anaheim's much more favorable to me than vegas...

  5. Uni


    The expo is fun if you enjoy listening to pitches from the latest hucksters. The "free" seminars are just long commercials for various products/systems, complete with hand-picked perfect charts to bolster their cases. The pay-for seminars are good if you enjoy paying a couple hundred bucks to hear a guru regurgitate most of what is in his or her books and websites. On a positive note, it's a good excuse to get away for a weekend and shoot the bull with other traders. If you file under trader status, you might even be able to write the whole thing off.

    Bottom line, there's no more education there than what you can get from the better texts and websites that are currently available. There's a reason why the registration to the event is free.

  6. Ken_DTU


    I like ET, hearing from the rest of the trading community here online is the next best thing to being in a large convention with a lot of other traders, and fast for reading, skimming, reviewing ideas and the 'train of thought' of various traders...

    ET's still my favorite and only stock forum i visit..

    the skepticism and cynicism is valuable too, since it helps set a standard for vendors etc.. Plus, a great sense of humor from many posters here...

    always interesting --

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