List of Trading Losses.

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    the best in the list i have to say is evan dooley MF global wheat trader.
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    Kerviel is still the first in my heart. Howie Hubler just popped up because you US people have to be the best at everything.:D
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  5. I remember that night well. I was trading wheat, snp, gold and oil through all of that.

    I remember the Soc-Gen night as well.

    I never did believe, and I still don't believe today, the reasons given for the market movements then. It was a volatile time just like the "flash crash" they blame on Dorothy out in Kansas but they fail to mention there was civil war brewing in Greece at the time.

    Never believe the media and never EVER believe government. They both have incentive to get you to believe what they want you to think.

    Anyone who in Dec 07 could not read into Hank Paulson testifying before Congress every day, lying through his teeth and looting the Treasury Dept with "no review by any court" for hundreds of billions which turned out to ultimately be trillions, and conclude the financial world was collapsing, has no business in this industry. It was as plain as black and white.
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    I believe that things like them,

    it will be happen again and again.

    One reason for that,

    i believe that is the Greed,

    that have the Human Beings into their Nature.


    in this internet link,

    i believe that exist an interesting explanation about the Greed: .

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    George Kanellopoulos.