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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Datradr, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Datradr



    Can someone list all the known prop firms with offices in Toronto?

    Including any that might have a salary?

    The ones i know of are :

    1)Swift Trade
    2) Title Trading
    3) Quest Trade
    4) Infinium

    Can anyone expand this list ?
  2. davinci


    CFT Financials have an office in Montreal - I know it's not Toronto but they offer a salary to traders.
  3. Datradr


    Do you know what that salary is?

  5. $1200/month.....

    Desk fees : $3500/per month

    $800/month if you trade european markets
  6. jazzsax


    OUCH! So they pay you a salary of $1200 a month, but you pay them a desk fee of $3500 per month? Hardly seems worth it. Was that a typo?
  7. Nope no typo..On top of this the $1200 comes out of your own account meaning your first month of trading at the company, your account is down $4700 ( $1200 salary + $3500 desk fees). But I know they increase your number of contracts very quickly so that you make at least $1000/day and cover your fees. Hope this help
  8. do any of those firms in toronto allow you to trade currencies? or is it just mainly stocks?
  9. MAybe currency futures only.... :)
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