list of stocks that made close to a 100 times since the financial crisis?

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    1 stock that comes to me is baidu (BIDU) , anyone else has any other stocks in mind.
    It would be interesting if u made a single trade in the recession by buying the correct stocks(i would call it lucky), u would have become a 10 times richer without any leverage
  2. 1 stock that comes to me is baidu (BIDU) , anyone else has any other stocks in mind.[/QUOTE]

    BIDU went up 10x.

    NOT 100x.
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    sorry, typed an extra 0 was thinking of something else
  4. 100x dumbass
  5. NG and PIR
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    LVS = around 3,000 %

    DTG = up some 10,000 %

    Lazy boy = up some 1000 %

    there are so many out there

    big ones = aapl, bac, c, amzn, jpm, wfc, almost all financial companies are up over 100 %
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    Does anyone think the run in those stocks and others since the 2008 bottom can continue?

    The answer is probably not, excluding the gains from the bottom of 2008 there are some stocks within the last year alone up significantly.

    AAPL is up 54% from a year ago, another 50%+ and the stock would be at $450+ a share and have a market cap of $400 Billion dollars!!!

    BIDU is up 138% from a year ago, it has a $34 billion dollar market cap, another 100% rise in the stock to $200 a share and give it a $70+ billion dollar market cap, this is a dot com bubble in the making.

    PCLN is up 95% from a year ago with a $340 dollar stock price, another 100% and were talking about a $700 stock price.

    AMZN is up 65% from a year ago, earnings last quarter were nothing spectacular but after dropping to just around $100 they ran up over 60% in about 3 months.

    CAT is up over 50% in the last year.

    LVS up over 114% in the last year.

    The list goes on and on, what I am trying to say is that most of these stocks that are up between 50%-100% and even a lot more over the last 18-24 months when the markets touched a historical low, is that these kind of gains in such a short amount of time will not last. These stocks and thousands of others have been on an uptrend because of the trillions in stimulus and bailout money being used to prop up the economy. Talk of QE2 is sending everything higher and dollar to new monthly lows. This cannot continue on, eventually these gains will be given back.