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    Does anyone have a list of prop groups they're willing to share?

    I know of:

    Goldenberg Hehmeyer
    Singer Levinson Global Trading
    Spot Trading
    Geneva Trading
    Rho Trading


    We Have JMowery1987 to Thank, So Be sure to email him and thank him, for compiling the list.

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    06-19-06 10:59 PM

    It is done *kinda* hehe.

    I just through that together, and I'm sure I'm missing some firms, but I will add them as I find them, and I will put my own personal comments on them as I find them, and other information I have learned from other users and stuff like their trading platforms and years operating and stuff.

    I just really don't want to have to PM people this information anymore!!!
  3. 3ntropy


    thanks for the info!!


    Your Welcome...
    If you find anything helpful,
    Please Share always looking to expand
    my knowledge in trading...

    This is a great place to network!!

    Best of Wishes,

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    There were a few I know of that weren't on the list so I sent the guy and email with some to add - if he wants. I think there are quite a few more. And as I write this I know Shatkin Arbor, a clearing firm at the CBOT, has a prop shop too.


    I meant for anything Trading related,

    Prop Firms can be found....With extensive searching, contacts, networking, with people....

    What has helped you the most, in your Trading, What has given you the biggest eye opening experience...

    Thanks for any thoughts...

  7. With all due respect JMowery info sheet has really NO INFO other then the correct email address of the firms. I have read his comments and while I may agree with some I DONT agree with alot of his comments. I actually know alot the firms he slanders and know them to be 100% honest and reliable. I know this as I have worked for them OR still do. It scares me that a new person could come in here and see something a guys writes about somebody and doesn't call them up and check there own facts. Traders here must remember that ONLY paid advertisers can write anything they want and people who dont pay get little say as to defend themselves. If JMowery really cared about the traders here he would write the strait facts instead of "I have heard" or "they seem desperate".It only makes me wonder what was his true mission in putting up his file .