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  1. Is there a list of hybrid prop trading firms?

    If you are a prop firm owner, please leave your company name and contact info here.
  2. Interesting... will follow this post :)
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    Not really practical since mentioning one's own firm w/o being some type of supporter (i.e. advertiser) is frowned upon, as well as one-post-wonders who would come here "praising" what a great firm they heard about.

    Reference the above linked site for lists of firms and refer your queries there. People can always submit firm names to that site and the blogger will add it to the list. It is much more preferable than the ensuing pissing contests that evolve from these discussions.

  5. there are even more affiliate firms/sub LLC and other firms out there too.

    your best bet is to find a firm and not have a firm find you.

    figure out what is important to you (commissions, training, overnights, haircut fees,desk fees,leverage, mentoring, live trading calls, free coffee, remote or office, platforms, IT support, etc) and go from there.
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