List of Prop Firms in Toronto & Recommendations

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Kira007, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Kira007


    Does anyone have a list of proprietary trading firms in Toronto, Canada?

  2. 7-2os


    They are all in Montreal... Thats Futures Prop ..if thats wot your looking for...
  3. megadon


    their is a guy named schivaz rai.......hes the best in canada...i still think he is in toronto .....m
  4. kwancy


    what about equities?
  5. ccaminc

    ccaminc Guest payout), swiftrade, genesis and ....
  6. How come Mr. Rai gets ZERO hits on Google...
    Except for the times you plug him here?

    Man... ANYONE in business with zero hits... avoid.

    Not surprised he's somehow connected to Questrade.
    That firm has one review here in 18 months...
    Which is an AMAZING feat considering they advertise on ET.
  7. Although I don't know anything about Questrade and am not confirming or denying your opinion of them, i would not depend on number of feedbacks in the review section of this website as a measure of how good or bad a firm is, since they can be easily manipulated through use of multiple aliases to promote or demote the firm. Having said that, I invite anyone who has good or bad experiences with Questrade to tell us about them.
  8. GGSAE


    I used quest for awhile...maybe a year, year and a half. Pretty decent, Gary Miskin seemed like a stand-up guy.
  9. abaazov


    hi guys, if anyone is looking we have a prop shop in montreal (opened a year ago). if anyone has any questions PM me or send me an email at

  10. 7-20s

    Do you have a list of the futures prop firms in Montral and do you know of any in Toronto?

    Thank You in advance
    #10     Dec 11, 2006