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  1. I've started researching different trading methodologies and have found the process somewhat messy. From what I can tell there aren't really that many promising distinct systems out there. What there do seem to be a lot of though are many variations on what are indicator specific systems.

    I'm curious about what some of the most basic well-known systems are.

    Some of those I am aware of are

    The Turtle Trading system
    Wilder's Directional Movement system
    Wilder's Volatility system
    The Woodies CCI system
    Jack Hershey's Equities method

    What are other well-known systems that display some merit? I know many of these cannot be considered complete in the full sense but few I've seen are. Thanks for any help you can give.
  2. Why would one want a POPULAR trading system? Do you imagine that it would WORK? But consider Alan Farley's The Master Swing Trader, if you must have canned systems. The BEST system is the one YOU invent.
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    <<The BEST system is the one YOU invent.>>

    Yes, but you have to start somewhere. For example you could start with a simple method such as moving averages crossover. Then play with different MA's for the market you are investigating.

    Seems like starting with a simple system then adding other indicators and optimizing is one way to go. This raises a few questions:

    1) What are some of the more tried and true simple systems?

    2) How best to test and optimize? How can you do this in the most efficient manner - do you need expensive software such as Tradestation? Are there any more resonably priced products out there to backtest with?
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    Why not just check the wealth-lab site and there systems? Or collective2? Or you could play with some systems on indexfuturos.

  5. 1. Dogs of the Dow
    2. Sell in May and Go Away (seasonality system)
    3. CANSLIM
    4. No-Load Fund X
    5. Value Line
    6. 200-day MA system
    7. Dual Moving Average Crossover system
    8. RSI Thresholds system
    9. Darvas Box System
    10. Bollinger Bands breakout system
    11. Moving Average Envelope
    12. Three dozen systems in the books by Tushar Chande
    13. Five dozen systems in the book by Perry J. Kaufman
    14. Three dozen systems in the book by Lars Kestner
    15. Three dozen systems in the book by Katz and McCormick

    Google will tell you more about each of these
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    I'd like to hear some feedback from anyone who uses or has back tested LBR's "oops trade"
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    Has performance of many well-known systems.
  8. How's it different from Larry Williams' oops! system and does anybody have the code? btw, I have her street smarts book (not here) is the idea discussed there?

  9. There's no difference between LBR's and Larry Williams' "oops" trade, according to her website. It's not found in "Street Smarts", but it's a very simple pattern setup to code:
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