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    Occasionally I run into something interesting trading related, be it a novel, a TV series, anything. I am going to post it here for everyone to check it out. Some of these could be hard to find, thus "obscure" in the title.

    If you post here something related, please make sure it is not something well known. Thanks....

    Trader Games (2010) original title Krach

    "A hot young Wall Street trader finds a formula based on climatology to play the market and win big... but at what cost?"


    I hope this exists in an English version too...Originally it is a French movie with Michael Madsen...
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    This was a Canadian TV series titled Traders, originally aired between 1996-2000, 5 seasons. Only the 1st is aviable at Amazon:

    "In the setting of the Toronto-based investment house, Gardner Ross, Traders explores the intimate lives and loves, the mystique and monetary machinations of investment bankers whose high-stakes decisions and sizzling alliances can have grave international consequences."


    ""Traders" appeals on so many levels - drama, comedy, romance, intrigue, suspense. But how can a show about a bunch of people in banking, stock trading, investment, and finance be exciting? I don't know, but this show surely is! Whether they are at their computer monitors on the trading floor tracking the ticker or in the boardroom handling the fate of unsuspecting others or on location assessing the value of some investment, these characters are intriguing, addictive, appealing, and believable. Some are young upstarts; some are old-timers with lots of experience; some are in the "game" for the thrill; some are in it for the money."

    I did find this on a Chinese website (the whole series), but since my Chinese is a bit rusty, I am not sure what am I supposed to click on...
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    This was the first original drama series for TNT, called Bull. Right now it is a very hard to find copy.I don't think this was ever released.... If I figure it out where to find it, I will post it. Or if anyone knows, please post it...


    Short synopsis

    Bull is a series consisting of two production seasons (latter currently unaired in the U.S.) which first aired in the U.S. on August 2000 on TNT. The series did not enjoy too much of success and the cancellation was blamed on the stock market activity in 2001 - or at least the lack of it.
    The series revolved around Wall Street, and a bunch of young stock brokers who join forces in creating of a new investment firm, HSD-Capital. The series main characters - partners in the HSD-Capital - are Robert "Ditto" Roberts III, Marissa Rufo, Corey Granville, Alison Jeffers and Martin Decker. Carson Boyd is also one of the series' main characters, although not a partner, and he is called "The Rook".

    The show's website:

    More info:
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    The $treet (TV Series 2000–2001)

    Originally aired on Fox, cancelled during the first season. 12 episodes were produced and 6 aired in the U.S.


    "Set in the world of corporate stock trading, "The $treet" follows the lives of a group of employees working in a small New York City Wall Street trading company whom include expert broker Jack Kenderson, naive intern Tim Sherman, slick trader Mark McConnell, sexist office lout Freddy Sacker, outgoing trader Adam Mitchell, lead executive Tom Divack, receptionist Donna Pasqua, fellow trader Bridget Deshiell, Jack's lawyer fiance Alexandra Brill, and the tough new brokerage supervisor Catherine Miller whom is always at odds with Sacker and the other male employees."
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    You ever wanted to see Cramer with hair trading? Wait no more:

    "Betting on the Markets" PBS Frontline documentary from 1997, 35 mins

    Featuring Peter Lynch, Van Wagoner and Jim Cramer...


    "The Madoff Affair" another Frontline special


    Before the Crash - Wall Street Week October 16, 1987

    With Louis Rukeyser...

    After the Crash - Part 1 - Wall Street Week Oct. 23, 1987


    Black Monday - Part 1 - Nightly Business Report Oct.19, 1987


    1987 Market Crash, CNN news Story

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    You can watch Krach here, but only in French:

    I was also able to get a good quality copy, but it only has French subtitles, and only a small part of the original is in English. So I am still looking for an English subtitled version...
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