List of Montreal Props?

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  1. Our top traders are mostly automated. But, as Maverick was saying, they took high percentage strategies and automated them, so it's the strategy that must work primarily. The automation just allows them to do much more, much more quickly.

    The middle group are also partly automated, and all this varies by trader. Remember, at least in our Firm, traders have many different ways to make money...whatever works for them. Sure, some small groups work together, doing almost the same thing, but everyone is open to learning and doing new things.

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  2. VielGeld


    ^ Now that sounds the kind of environment I'd like to experience.

    Would anyone know if there is any firm in Montreal that has a similar style?
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  3. Maverick74


    How about Vancouver?
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  4. VielGeld


    That's on the other side of the pond, lol.

    But heck, list e'm if there are any. I might check them out one day if I ever visit Vancouver.
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  5. Maverick74


    Well, if you like Don Bright, you'll love his Vancouver office!

    Their affiliate there is Pairco. Check them out. Don, seriously, can I get a bathroom break now? LOL.
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  6. LOL, gotta keep you busy it seems, or you may end up in the P&R section, LOL.

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    Lol! Might drop by in the future. :D

    Hmm... is this it? I gotta say I've never been enamoured with system trading of any kind. I'm more the intuitive type who goes by, well, intuition (order flow patterns, etc.) rather than statistical analysis or quant stuff.

    But hey, I'm open to learning something new, and I'm interested in all types of trading, so I wouldn't mind learning all about it -- though I may never use it. :)
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  8. That's it, our wholly owned subsidiary in Langley, BC.

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  9. VielGeld


    Hey, best I could find seems to be this: Link. Is that it?

    There are way too many posts about Montreal firms, so I might have missed any comprehensive list posted about MTL firms. Would you know which post in particular this was?

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  10. seadog


    Call the Quebec securities commission, get the list.
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