List of known fake traders on ET

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by gettinglucky007, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. spd


    What is the purpose of this thread?

    If you are paying this much attention to other people then you obviously dont have a mind of you own and will never find success in the markets. Do you have self esteem issues or are you just 16 years old?
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  2. lol,

    does every thread have to have a purpose?

    what is the meaning of life?
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  3. Happy New Year Everybody!
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  4. spd


    So you are just an uncreative troll trying to stir some shit up. I see.
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  5. OP with only 11 posts and less than a month since joining I'd suggest you lurke a bit more.

    I know Nodoji well and both she and her husband are very legit traders.
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  6. Cooolweb is no good....his calls are terrible.

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  7. Well, shit, I don't know him poisonally, I'm just lining between the reads. But as to altruism, perhaps he can afford to be generous because he knows he hasn't much competition. We all eventually find our little trading niches, like a toad in a mudhole. We watch cautiously with only eyes exposed as the world spins by. Don't try to eat my insects and we'll get on as fine as frog hair. IMO he is one of the most gentlemanly posters here. A simple county boy, it would seem. That's hard to pull off consistently.
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  8. I think that's my cue to hesh up. In my next life I am going to be a hermit on a mountain top.
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  9. pookie


    Is this why you joined the forum? You had a total of 6 posts when you started this thread to immediately start slamming people. Why should anyone believe what you say? Where's your evidence? And why don't you just go ahead and tell us who YOU really are...seems pretty obvious you've been hanging out here under another name.
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  10. pookie


    Coolweb didn't expose anything. All he did was make accusations...just as you are.

    Sounds like you have a disdain for 51% of the population. I'd work on that if I were you.
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