List of known fake traders on ET

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  1. Anekdoten
    Jack Hershey
    Red Neck (possibly/suspect)


    Did I miss any1 else?

    (Note: FAke traders are the intellectual sounding-type you most often read about. They often post trade ideas that sound too good to be true (on paper), intellectually-stimulating gibberish, or after-the-fact stats and performance data. Often, these people have a large following b/c they are masters/well versed in the art of bullsh1tting. It has always been my belief that whoever/whatever is popular is wrong. Those who talk can't trade. And those who can trade usually don't talk).

    Addenum: Fake traders are narcicist personality-types that love having attention showered on them, which is one of their main motives for posting on ET.
  2. spd


    You're an idiot.
  3. RedNeck is the real deal. He's from Texas. And we don't lie. Much. Well, only when we're bragging. The only way to tell if someone really trades is if they comment on events so subtle that only a real trader would observe them. Bingo on Jack, though. He reveals the opposite. Says things that are patently absurd that a real trader would know otherwise.
  4. @spd: Thanks.

    @Arthur: You can tell Red Neck is a fake b/c he's too altruistic. Trading is supposed to be competitive. My BS alarm goes off everytime I read RN's posts.

    And that is b/c usually, when someone is altruistic, it means that they are not competing in the same field (trading).

    Altruists can take a hike at that.
  5. I think you're wrong about NoNudgie, as well. I think she trades, albeit badly. My belief is that eventually all real traders realize that they need to codify and backtest. So if they never talk about backtesting, and especially about the heavy shit involved therein, they are suspect.
  6. Unfortunately, Nodoji is a known fake that coolweb already exposed... Thing about women is they are very adept at lying/invoking envy at imaginary performance stats... especially when they do it *anonymously* online.

    A man can betray a woman and easily be caught.

    A woman can betray a man and never be caught.

    It's in their nature to *outsmart* a man.
  7. S2007S
  8. spd


    coolweb is the biggest douchebag on these boards. Anyone who believes a single word he types most likely has down's syndrome.
  9. Funny, I have a couple of acquaintances who are gay men and they say the same things as you about women. :D
  10. Coolweb's alright. He may come off as arrogant sometime b/c he's been successful in business. But, the man can sniff out BS like a chihuahua.
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