List of great muslim/arab inventions or discoveries

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  1. I may be naive but I really dont know of any great inventions/discoveries brought to the world by Muslims or arabs. Would you guys be kind enough to start naming a few.
  2. algebra
  3. Thats good, though somewhat ambiguous as a lot of cultures had some form of algebra.
  4. Of course ignorance is one of the reasons, but cultural separation and "massaging of history" that has happened over thousands of years might be blamed too. I know arabs contributed a lot in the area of mathematics, some forms of warfare - but that's it. There is almost no focus on arab history in western classes, so I guess that is to blame - just like we learn little about oriental philosophy.

    However, I found a list of some accounts ...
  5. If you want you might want to start a thread addressing ":non-muslim inventions" but i guess that would be redundant.
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    Writing was invented independently three places in history: Sumeria, China and pre-Columbian Maya. All Western writing dates back to Sumeria, which was right where Iraq is today. And the US under Bush-Cheney has destroyed the cradle of Western civilization. Are you proud of that?
  7. Im sorry but this was a thread to find out about islamic inventors and discoverers. Thanks for playing.
  8. Come on fellas. a 1/4 of the worlds population is muslim or arab, there must be some good things to come out of these societies that have benefited the world.
  9. Millions of virgins for thousands of shahids.
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