List of good stocks to daytrade?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by drukes1234, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. I'm looking for big list of stocks to trade intraday. All I really want is stocks over $20 with good volume where you can fill a decent amount of shares in an instant--I'm usually in a trade only for a few minutes
  2. look at the dailiy activies...not the usual suspects that are goin' nowhere fast, but those in the news...volumes skyrockets on 'em and ranges alwasy impressive. best bang for u buck. u can find 'em with a basic scanner...or if u are in such a bad shape on bloomie list most/up down/actives.
  3. If you have IB, use the market scanner screen. You can find all sorts of good high volatility opportunities every morning this way.
  4. Most tech stocks are good day trading stocks. They have good volume and good volatility.
  5. I posted this before in another thread-- there's a blog that lists good stocks to daytrade every day based on some kind of beta filter i think and liquidity --

    i go thru that list every day and sometimes find interesting nuggets. another blog has a v good listing of stocks that are moving during the day. i go thru that list usually at night also. both are well-known blogs... hope that helps.
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    I like that website as well.