List of Futures Proprietary Trading Firms

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  1. 7swfc


    I was wondering if anyone has a complete list of futures trading prop firms. I am looking for a place to trade and a list would make things a lot easier. thanks
  2. I too would be interested in such a list.
  3. There are many others, its just harder to locate them...

    Class A - Inactive Clearing Members
    Blue Capital Group LLC
    Brevan Howard Master Fund Ltd.
    Citadel Derivatives Group LLC
    CTC Holdings, L.L.C.
    DRW Holdings, LLC
    E*TRADE Futures LLC
    Gator Trading Partners LLC
    Getco Holding Company, LLC
    Graham Fed Policy Ltd.
    Harrison Trading Group, LLC
    Kingstree Trading, LLC
    Mako Fixed Income Partnership LLP
    Marquette Partners, L.P.
    Medallion Trading
    c/o Renaissance Technologies Corp.
    Millennium Partners, L.P.
    Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.
    Moore Macro Fund, L.P.
    Quiet Light Securities, LLC
    S.A.C. International Equities, LLC
    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
    Susquehanna Clearing, LLC
    W.H. Trading, L.L.C.
    Wolverine Trading, LLC
  4. You'll probably see plenty of firms at the trading expo.
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    A few more in Chicago:

    Resource Trading Group--pretty much just futures

    Infinium Capital Management--these guys are oriented more towards options, I think

    SMW Trading Co.--futures and options

    Team NICO--a large futures trader that backs a few smaller traders. Not sure if he's still around. It may be spelled NIKO.

  6. Anyone know of any in San Francisco?

    Last time I looked it was Redwood, and one other (forget who).

    Now, I'm not sure there are any.

    Lots of equity shops though.

  7. At VTrader, we are mostly options and futures prop (JBO). Equities as well of course. PM for more information about website, locations, costs, leverage, etc.

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    Refco has a Prop desk.
    I know Pioneer funds experienced trader's upstairs at The NY Merc., also a Refco affiliate.
  9. FWIW, I found a recent CME Clearing Member Firms list with the Class A Members dated 4/4/05. A few other firms that were omitted in the original list:

    Jump Trading, LLC
    Fortis Clearing Chicago, LLC
    Advantage Futures, LLC
    Tradelink, LLC
    Gelber Group, LLC
    Millenium Partners, LP
    Medallion Trading
    Ronin Capital, LLC
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