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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by 2cents, Jul 10, 2006.


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  1. thanks all for the lively inputs! paranoia's welcome on this thread :cool:

    we missing inputs from baron the sphinx though but hey, a sphinx is a sphinx innit!?

    BA-RON BA-RON BA-RON!!! (who knows, stranger things have worked)
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  2. 2cents = king whiner.

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  4. Seems like every time you fuckups get an good idea it turns to crap!

    In my opinion what should happen is that people should learn to THINK, about what they read, about the comments that others offer them, about the values (or lack of them) that are exhibited by the folks on these bulletin boards (thats all this is after all), and then decide whether to take them seriously, or to simply ignore them.

    Does anyone here remember what happened when Samson77 tried to sell his material on this site? At first, people said nothing, and what happened was they were victimized. Just like a rape victim, most were too embarrassed to say anything. Then, slowly, one or two at a time, people started to "decide" for themselves to come out in the open and say something. First Ozzy, then a host of others.

    What I am saying is...that we can trust people to act a certain way. To be afraid, to be embarrassed, to be reluctant to act, but in the end, I am pretty sure, you can count on your fellow humans to act in a way that makes us proud of each other.

    Without the posse.....without the mob psychology.....without the polarizing comments (its them or us)....I'll will bet on the better side of human nature this time...

    #14     Jul 12, 2006
  5. cheers steve46... so would i... and i was actually thinking about this particular case amongst other things... see what happened to the 'strategy debate' thread?... of course you do... basically it very much seems like samson's still around... and if that's the case, has he 'changed' just because he would be using another alias?...

    more generally, should there be a simple way for newbies to check whether such and such interjecting poster has a history of being banned and for what and have they atoned or not etc?... so that better-intentioned people / mods have less of a need to spend time and energy to re-expose them anew everytime they reappear under a new alias...

    or is it better to rely solely on Baron and the mods' clairvoyance (and hypothetically the use of an informal non-public list) here?

    that's the question i am asking
    #15     Jul 12, 2006
  6. It is ironic that "paranoia" has been attributed to the opponents of the proposed EliteTrader Blacklist. If anyone is paranoid, it is the people who believe a blacklist would be beneficial. The proposal for a blacklist reflects an unfounded mistrust toward people who are "different". The proposal for a blacklist also reflects an unfounded mistrust in the ability of EliteTrader members and staff to think for themselves, as individuals, rather than as a herd of sheep, or a hive of Borg, cogitating through some conformist GroupThink process.

    A fundamental flaw, in the idea of a blacklist, is that it categorizes people as good or bad, instead of their specific ideas and actions. A blacklist closes our minds to people who may very well be useless or harmful most of the time, but who might, on occasion, have some contribution which more than compensates for their usual blather. A blacklist also closes our minds to those who are different from us, because they are, in some way, better than us, or offer us some teaching for which we aren't quite yet ready, but which would benefit us by reminding us that there are other perspectives. A blacklist is a crutch for people who do not want to be challenged to think for themselves.
    #16     Jul 12, 2006
  7. i too don't particularly like the term "black list" that's why i didn't use it but let's not be too dogmatic... just a few, relevant i hope, examples:

    . the free-for-all version, moderated though:

    . the official version:
    try for instance with: xnightmarerealmx

    of course i am not suggesting going as far as 'providing' anywhere like that much feedback... additionally, unlike eBay, my initial suggestion was that only the mods would be allowed to update the 'list'... which shld help make the whole thing 'fairer' and less taxing for everybody

    the idea is essentially to provide newbies with the board's moderated view as to which poster might have / have had some conflicts, instead of relying on other posters inputs or having to dig into the Feedback archives, e.g.: and my apologies to marketsurfer if he should find this offensive, all the contrary, i have no agenda against him nor anyone, i know he's been reinstated and i trust Baron and the mods for making the right call

    of course there are other type of similarly minded lists but that's a different story... e.g. just for info: this one's fun!
    #17     Jul 12, 2006
  8. hcour

    hcour Guest

    Hi Baron,

    Could you please see to it that there are more threads with 2cents and jimrockford arguing endlessly w/each other? There simply aren't enough of them now and I really feel they add so much to ET. In fact, why not let them have their own forum? You could call it the "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" forum. Whaddya think?

    Thanks so much!
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  9. :cool: with me :p
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