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  1. Baron,

    would you be ok with the idea of ET members starting / contributing to some sort of meta-resource, in the form of a list of 'deviant' ET posters & aliases? no malicious intent here, and i do know it could become quite 'messy' however:

    . there seems to be quite a long list of 'controversial' ET posters with a history, of either scamming, harassing or other improper behaviour, who have reappeared under an alias. that could be a way of keeping them in check, should they start misbehaving anew

    . it seems some people, right or wrong, have a pathological urge to vent ad nauseum anyway. that would provide them with a venue, therefore perhaps alleviating the load on yourself and the moderators community

    ideally the way it would work is suggestions would be made to the mods and the mods only could decide to input to that list... other option is a free-for-all type, for an initial test period

    just a thought... (i won't tell anybody but i am pretty sure you guys monitor such a list already, right? right Baron? :p difference is, this one would be made public)
  2. Pekelo


    Quite simple. Make the list. If it doesn't get deleted, they are OK with it. Make sure you put it in Chit-chat...
  3. Baron,

    2cents says his proposal has "no malicious intent." I believe it does have a malicious intent.

    2cents suggests it would help deal with scammers. I think you'll find no need for a list of ET members in good standing, who also happen to be scammers. Scammers should simply be banned.

    2cents suggests it would help deal with harassment. I think you'll find no need for a list of ET members in good standing, who are expected to continue harassing other ET members. Persistent harassers should also simply be banned.

    2cents suggests it would help deal with those who abuse multiple aliases, as a way of circumventing prohibitions against other forms of deception or misconduct on ET. I think you'll find no need for a list of ET members in good standing, who are abusing multiple aliases in order to continue other forms of misconduct. These should also simply be banned.

    Did I forget anybody? Anybody at all? Oh yeah, that's right, there was just one last remaining category, wasn't there! This is the category of people who haven't done anything against ET rules, but who 2cents wishes to stigmatize and to exclude from full participation in ET discussions. We are talking about people who are what 2cents calls "deviant". People who are different. People who don't have the right opinions. He wants these people to go away. He wants them to disappear, but he realizes that they aren't quite deviant enough to justify banning them from the website. He therefore wishes to achieve this stigmatization and exclusion by way of an official EliteTrader "list". Historians call such a list a "blacklist". The ET members, who 2cents wishes to blacklist, are the only true targets of his proposal; the other categories are listed as a smokescreen, to disguise the fact that you are being asked to institute a blacklist.

    This idea, by 2cents, is not a new idea. Blacklists are used in many countries, as one of many different techniques for making unwanted people disappear, for example, Communist China. Blacklists were also actually tried in our own country. The results were not very good, in terms of the impact on our freedom of expression, political discourse, educational institutions, media, and culture.

    I think that if ET starts an official blacklist, we should at least be honest about it, and call it a blacklist, as opposed to 2cents, who calls it, simply, a "list" of "deviant" ET members.

    If we are to have an official EliteTrader Blacklist, then I suppose that I should do my part to make the EliteTrader Blacklist a success. I therefore nominate 2cents for the honor of top spot on the new EliteTrader Blacklist. I would support his nomination by referring you to his pattern of abusive and disruptive behavour, which he gradually escalated throughout another thread at, in direct disobedience to an ET moderator's warning. It is interesting to note that his abusive disruptive behavour was targeted at protecting EliteTrader members from what he saw as "deviant" opinion. Perhaps the proposed EliteTrader Blacklist will more effectively achieve his goal.

    I would also like to propose a compromise between the two opposing viewpoints espoused by myself and by 2cents. I'm sure many of us would be willing to support the proposed EliteTrader Blacklist, provided that the only person on the list would be 2cents.
  4. If 2cents posts, "The sky is blue" do you plan to write a nine paragraph rebuttal outlining how indeed the sky is not blue, but only appears blue, due to the refractory effects from the combination of light, atmosphere and sea water?

    - Spydertrader
  5. 2cents = king snitch.

  6. I forgot to mention that 2cents is obviously a savvy and learned student of history. His use of a poll, which is a democratic form, in order to help him to deprive unpopular minorities of their voice, follows Adolf Hilter. Hitler used various democratic forms, including elections, referenda, the Reichstag (parliament), etc., in order to deprive unpopular minorities of their rights, and in order to protect the Fatherland from the disease of "degenerate" opinion. Ein volk! Ein Reich! Ein Fuhrer! (one people, one state, one leader)
  7. 54,200 members and counting? Ha! 54,200/20 and counting! And don't knock Hitler, I myself was a member of der Hitlerjugende! "Deutschland! Deutschland! Uber alles!..."
  8. Quite right but memories are short, people are encouraged to act like sheep and that's why history repeats.
  9. traderob


    You crack me up Hypostomus:D
    Isn't feedback getting exciting these days, might have to feature it on the homepage if this keeps up?

    Nice point about democracy re Hitler JR. That's what I don't get about trying to force democracy on the Middle East. The population are sure to elect the most rabid Islamists available. What we need is friendly dictators/military governements that will quash any fundamentalism. (Sorry to be off topic, hope no one minds)
  10. These are perilous (and parlous) times we live in. Beware the attraction of totalitarianism. Dictators eradicate free markets, and worse, good pornography. So keep the Republican Party in power.
    #10     Jul 11, 2006
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