List of Day Tradeable Markets

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ladidalimey, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I thought it would be useful to draw up a list of day tradeable markets. My criteria are bid/ask spread (smaller the better), volume (higher the better), market depth (higher the better), and dollar value of ATR (higher the better).

    My current markets are S&P, NASDAQ, Crude, Gas , Heat Oil, 10 yr Note & 30 year Treasury.

    I'm thinking in Europe that the DJ EuroStoxx50, Bund & Bobl look like candidates.

    Any additional suggestions?

  2. solyaris


    I would only add european DAX, and EURUSD
  3. pork bellies, lumber, oats, and orange juice. The further deferred out you get the better. Market orders are the only way to go, no slippage
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  5. Can you tell me what is slippage? I thought a trader uses limit orders to accurately determine what he will be or would like to pay.
  6. Haha! To the OP, please be sure you are aware he's only joking. Use limit orders if you are going to be trading those markets as the spreads are very wide.
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    LOL. Good question for all the forex traders here.

  8. Imagine placing a market order on feb 09 bellies. good buy account! yikes makes me shiver. Do you ever venture over to the belly pit futuresrx?