list of clearing firms for stocks?

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    does anyone have a list of clearing firms for stocks? i know about penson, genesis, legent, rjo and that some firms self-clear (IB, ameritrade), but is there a list of clearing firms, or those brokerages which self-clear?

  2. Here is a list of NYSE Arca equity member organizations.

    According to the NYSE:
    Clearing Services – an NYSE Arca ETP Holder who receives and executes customers’ instructions, prepares trade confirmations, sends the money related to the trades, arranges for the physical movement of securities, and shares responsibility with an introducing broker-dealer for compliance with regulatory requirements.

    For more information:

    IB uses its subsidiary Timber Hill to clear and Ameritrade uses various market makers.
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    that's a longer list than i expected, but exactly what i was hoping for. thanks!