List of Auto- trade and backtest Platforms?

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  1. Greetings,
    I'm looking for a platform or software package that will backtest and autotrade. I'd rather hook up my own open market data and broker. I'm aware of Tradestation and a few others, and I just recently stumbled across a little know platform which made me realize there are probably plenty more. Does a list of these type of companies exist anywhere?
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    Not a comprehensive list but a good start can be found here on Corey's blog:

    Specifically, look under the platforms section.

    There are a few notable omissions from the commercial platform category. Off the top of my head:


    Probably more if I spent a few minutes thinking about it.
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    Yeah, NinjaTrader is already on Corey's list that I linked to.

    Apart from the notable ommissions from Corey's list that I mentioned in the previous post there's also:

    Sierra Chart:

    It's funny. I just noticed compiling this that for some reason, it seems to be fashionable for the product name to be made of two words and to concatenate the two words using camel-casing e.g. FirstSecond:

    NinjaTrader, AmiBroker, MultiCharts, NeoTicker, RightEdge, TrueTrade, TradingBlox, TradersStudio etc.
  5. Just like traders... MarketSurfer.. !
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    Here is backtracking program I wrote for my own use.

    It can be download it at the bottom of the page. It is free to use any way you like.

    It's purpose is to practice looking at charts using technical indicators, using real historical market data.
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