liquidity with Currenex Brokers

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  1. What Currenex brokers offer the best
    starting-out (since it's adjustable) hub
    liquidity ?

  2. So far our fund has opened an account with:

    FC Stone (liquidity is not that great, especially during numbers)
    FXCM Pro (same as Fc Stone and trasnaction cost is higher)
    Man Fin. (looks pretty good, almost always one wide with $20m on both sides)
    Capital Forex pro (will let you know in next couple days)

    The others I am still working on.

    Hope that helps
  3. Let's take the EUR/USD as reference

    Thanks Omar !
  4. just bringing this up
  5. another time
  6. Just checked out ADMD live. Good, but not as good as Man.
  7. Any numbers on the difference you saw ?
  8. Nick,

    What I saw was 2 more wide on the cable and 1-2 more wide on Aussie and kiwi. Euro was similar but you can definitely see the amount on each side was less (maybe 2 million less than Man). That said, this is Asian market which tends to thin out so I'll check it tommorrow morning. Any idea about ODL?
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    why is it brokers that offer currenex platform look different then the one i see on currenex website.
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    admd sometime hold's your trades. here's what they send me.


    EUR/USD 2 pips

    USD/JPY 2 pips

    GBP/USD 3-4 pips

    USD/CHF 2-3 pips

    USD/CAD 3-5 pips

    AUD/USD 3-5 pips

    Our dealing desk is our primary risk management center that acts as a backup to our online trading clients in case of a technical problem with the platform. We also cover larger institutional clients on a direct basis.

    When we discuss straight through processing we are referring to the processing of post trade information. When deals are executed on the OLT platform they are immediately captured into our middle and back office systems and will be reflected in your real-time P&L and risk management windows in your OLT platform. If you are referring to how the risk is managed, the prices that you see are an aggregation of all of our bank liquidity directly into the platform. When you execute a trade we have the option to keep it or pass it directly to the banks depending on the size of your trading and other risk parameters. Our goal is to provide total price transparency to the client so that you can deal on current and accurate market rates. To maintain these aggressive spreads we work with our banks to manage flow that they may not be interested in such as predator clients and clients that deal in small amounts. Most of the deals are passed directly to the banks.

    Max deal size is 10 mio USD per click, however we have made exceptions to certain clients based on the needs.

    Thank you for your interest,

    ADM Derivatives, Inc.

    Support Division
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