Liquidity Trim Tabs

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  1. Anyone interested in getting together to share the cost of subscribing to Liquidity Trim Tabs please PM me.

    I've checked it out with them and it's OK. They will email the reports to each of us individually. The more we get, the less we each pay.


    you can obtain a free one month trial to decide if you think it's worth it.

    I think it's useful.
  3. just a reminder...
  4. OK, I'm gonna flog this again. I've been on a one month trial with these guys and I like it alot. If I can get 9 more people with me we can split the cost of the subscription and each one gets his updates emailed to him directly. For 10 of us it's 500/year and I think it's very worth it.

    I've cleared it with the publisher and will arrange to send our $$ directly to them if you're worried about shenanigans.

    So far I have 3 or 4 people including myself interested. What do you say, traders?

    500 bucks a year....well worth it.
  5. i predict this thread reaches 2 pages. lol

  6. Hi Chasin!

    I was looking at fee schedule on their site and it said it's $10,000 - how is 10 traders @ $500 per gonna cover that cost?
    (I tried to PM you but it said your box is full)

    I'm very interested and have already signed up to receive the trial version.

    Please get back to me.


  7. They offer a discount for "small operations." I think the cutoff size is 10 mil under management. I'm cleaning out the inbox right now.