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Discussion in 'Trading' started by OVERtheLINE, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. dosent seem to make a big difference so far over here...
    anyone notice a difference in your fills?
  2. Good fills in MO today....

    We were included in great prints...

    What do you think?

    Too early to know?

    I wonder if they even turned it on...
  3. as you know, the data wasnt in our book, but it seemed
    business as usuall.... :) put it all on black this weekend
    by the way have you guys noticed a cancel if close 2k arca needledick all over the place?
  4. DaveN


    I saw an extra line, NYLQ, with some additional size there. The size wasn't a duplicate of the line in the book at that price, so it appears to be truly an addition from the floor.

    I noticed that it was fairly aggressive in market moves, i.e. it tended to get closer to the inside market on moves, but seemed to widen out to a dime or so as the market stalled. (NYSE:C) ..still thinkin' in 1/8ths....

    I guess we'll see more about how it works next week...
  5. these guys are jokers - they just want to sell to you up an 1/8 and buy from you down 1/8 ---

    the ridiculous fills and lack of liquidity in nasdaq is turning me to the e-mini
  6. range


    Unlike a few other stocks I traded today, I lost money trading GE. It was acting as if it was safe to take a position, but then acted strangely with no warning. Inside bid/ask spread seemed to widen periodically, more than normal. I wonder if this action was tied to the liquidity quote somehow.
  7. Once you go Black, you never go back...I will let you know how Vegas was on Monday...LOL....Have a good time at Martini Ranch!

    Must have missed that particular ARCA needledick....we were battling the needledick specialist in FRE a few times today...