Liquidity Providing and Pure Arbitrage Example

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  1. Noticed this a few days ago.. the arb is still going strong:

    (and frankly I'm perplexed as to why few people are noticing or reacting to it..)
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  2. I read your original linked FXGears post with interest. So at least one person on ET is reading your posts.

    I also went to the trouble of checking it out and verifying that the arb is real and still actionable. Your post disproves the oft-stated ET claim that no-one with an edge will give it away on ET for free. The edge is real and requires only mediocre programming skill to take advantage of; it could even be played manually.
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  3. T-Mex

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    It's not real, you'll get picked off.
    There's a Hong Kong firm founded by ex-Jane Street folks who take them all.
  4. I literally provide an account statement showing the fills are real. Another person in this thread also confirmed it too. Sooo.. **shrug**
  5. T-Mex is trading a sub-$40k retail account but is somehow plugged in to Jane Street? And despite a claimed IQ of 160+ he's an admirer of schweiz (aka mtrader, aka pitchblack). To quote destriero: "Anyone broadcasting their WAIS...has an actual score that is approximately half.." Also admires bone. I suggest you take his posts for exactly what they are worth.
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  6. qlai


    I liked his post as far as looking for opportunities, but find below a bit off-putting. Sounds like a call for suckers to provide liquidity on a new exchange. No mention if he has any association with the exchange. So that puts the whole edge give away in question for me. You don't agree? l don't see you post much, so kind of surprised that you commented on this one.

    "Here it comes... The big question... Will you step up? Will you sign up and start capturing some decent fills? Or are you just going to read yet another crypto article and daydream about trading?

    Want another perk? Sign up for a Coinfield account through this linkand you'll also get 10 XRP for free once funded with $100."
  7. I agree that Jack's FXGears post would have been better without the two paragraphs you quote.

    Nevertheless, the edge he outlines is real, and I thank him for posting it.
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    Agreed, and a good example of what an edge is - not exactly arb, but as close as retail traders may get to it. Hope @MrMuppet doesn't take it all away :)
  9. Yeah, I get it... Honestly, I was just looking for a way to make up lost revenue on the arb (assuming the arb will lessen in effectiveness as I made it public.) Same with the donation addresses at the end of the article. I don't have any relationship with the exchange beyond the link (which every client has access to.. nothing special there.)
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