Liquidity of S&P (e-mini) options?

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  1. I am looking into futures and futures options (mainly S&P E-mini). I've been looking at for options prices. but I can't see the bid/ask, just the last trade price.. So I was wondering how large the spreads tend to be (especially as you go 2% or more away from the money), and how the liquidity is.. Also, can someone can give a pointer to free E-mini options quotes (delayed is fine)?
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    Hi there,

    Be VERY carefull of dealing with mini SP options . VERY thin. Also, because the options are trading electronically, there are always some "sharks" that look for "rookies" to put the wrong number of digits etc.

    If you can not afford the the big SP look at the dow.

    We offer free quotes (dollar value for options) at: click on quotes & news then quoteboard
  3. Thanks for the response, I was looking at the e-mini rather than the SP because somehow I had the impression that the e-mini was more liquid.. Are you saying that the e-mini is less liquid than the big SP? If so, I will start looking at the big SP! I am mainly concerned with the options.. Also, the site you posted ( does not give the bid/ask on options, just the last price. I suppose I could sign up for the 30-day trial as a prospect, but I can't say that I have a serious intention to send them real money..
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    No problem CaroAnn.

    When it comes to FUTURES I recommend most people to go with the mini sp (fast, liquid electronic trading)
    when it comes to the options stay away from the mini.

    In order to get real live bid-ask on the SP options you will have to subscribe to some kind of a paying service just because the CME will charge you for that...

    Let me know if you need help.
  5. Thats what I was hoping to get from this thread :) i.e. I want someone to tell me what the spreads are and how the liquidity is. e.g. anyone who cares to post some data, the S&P is about 1223 now. what is the bid/ask for the SP june or july 1220,1225,1235 and 1250 call (and puts in the other direction)? (or what was/is it at some point today, or post tomorrow after the open) Thanks..
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    The page you posted in your first message should answer your question about liquidity, etc. I'll break it down below using yesterdays closing numbers.

    <u><b>ES Futures options</b></u>

    Total Call Volume: 14

    Total Put Volume: 88

    Total Call OI: 484

    Total Put OI: 620

    <u><b>SP Futures options</b></u>

    Total Call Volume: 6,812

    Total Put Volume: 6,104

    Total Call OI: 81,563

    Total Put OI: 163,446

    <u><b>SP Cash options (also known as the SPX)</b></u>

    Total Call Volume: 27,640

    Total Put Volume: 37,332

    Total Call OI: 871,814

    Total Put OI: 1,005,937

    Hope this helps.


    <i>Futures data from the CME, cash data from the CBOE.</i>

  7. ah, yes. very useful, and simple! why didn't i think of that?! no response necessary, hehe :)
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    Jay's response was perfect to illustrate the liquidity/volume issues.

    I can provide you with the trading ranges for todays options on different strike prices but if you would like to gewt a bid-offer in realtime then tomorrow will be best.
  9. Thanks, elon. I just realized that I can see bid/ask for the S&P cash options by going to The one thing I would still like to see is bid/ask for S&P (not e-mini) futures options. If you could provide a sample or two live quotes tomorrow, I would be much obliged. Perhaps at-the money july calls and puts, and OTM 5, 10, and 30-35 points away? (I realize some strikes may be missing) TIA..
  10. elon


    Hi Caro

    at 9:40 AM chicago time spu1 is at 1220 the following bid offers are :

    july sp 1220 put 31.70 - 32.70 (multiply by $250)
    july sp 1220 calls 29.30-30
    july 1250 calls 17.30 -18.30
    july 1170 puts 14.80-15.80

    Hope that helps.
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