Liquidity in mini Dow (YM)

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  1. I am working on a price and time model for trading this market.

    I am concerned initially with trading the open. My statistical analysis shows that there is often a trade within the first seven minutes of the open, and such trade is good for a minimum of 20 points. This is $100/contract gross.

    Ignoring scaling out for the time being, how many lots could I practically trade? I know exchange initial margin is around $5k and Interactive Brokers give a 50% initial margin discount for a day trade. This means I can trade 1 YM contract per $2,500 balance. So if I am making $96 a day net on each $2,500 this means that I am doubling every 5 trading weeks.

    After a year, I should be trading 1024 contracts. YM depth seems to be 30-40 contracts, so surely this is not possible. Will I hit problems with my strategy after only six doubling cycles, or 30 weeks?

    Does anyone here scale in this way and what are their results?
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    theoretically you can trade as many as you want, there is no limit in sim.
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    There is a decent amount of correlation with the ES. ES has better liquidity. One suggestion is to open a corresponding position in that market.
  4. Funny. :)

    Zen Student,

    Are you perhaps putting the cart in front of the horse?

    Provided that you were able to develop such a model, yes, you would eventually run into liquidity problems when day trading the YM contract.

    I do not have intimate knowledge of the YM contract, but I am quite sure that while it has its idiosyncrasies, it moves in a similar fashion to big brother ES.

    Why not develop your model for that market instead?

    Comparable volume from last Friday:

    ES 2,242,372

    NQ 235,043

    YM 114,787


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    Many brokers offer $500 intra-day margin. No need to trade with IB whose requirements are much higher.
  6. AFAIK those $500 intra-day margin brokers won't let you do 1000 contracts on $500 per contract margin.
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    The depth in YM is more than it appears.