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  1. I am wondering what financial instruments out there are liquid enough to trade afterhours,....anytime after 5pm. It could also be in the middle of the night or real early in the morning.
    Someone mentioned HSI on another thread.

    Does anybody successfully do this while working a 9-5 dayjob?

    By the way what is the exact symbol for the most liquid HSI instrument....
    I am trying to look at it on It says the symbol is HSI F8-HKF but that's not working.
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    Both YM (only now after the switch to Globex) and ES have sufficent liquidity afterhours, as I do trade them both from 6-8 some days.
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    Thanks for the insight. I had the same question. Do they still gun for your stops like they used too?
  4. The Nikkei E- mini in Osaka is a very liquid vehicle, volume exceeds ES for the time of the day.

    Symbol N225M exchange OSE.JPN.
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    The current HSI symbol in IB is HSIF8. (January)

    There is a contract for every month of the year.
    January contract will be expiring next week. The February HSI symbol in IB is HSIG8.
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    I second that. The good: extremely liquid, and perfect time zone for Eastern timers. The margin is tiny (perfect for pikers, ie: me :D ).

    The bad: The range is small due to 5 tick minimum movement increments. Mostly dominated by scalping Japanese housewives, lots of churning there, hence the volume. It does not trade like the US eminis, be ready to make adjustments to your system.

    Also the Nikkei mid-size, SGXNK on Singapore exchange. It's perfect for small to medium accounts.

    And SPI on Sydney exchange. Also good for small to medium accounts.

    Nikkei full size: Not for the weak stomach, and piker accounts.

    HSI: Definitely not for the owners of weak stomach, suicidal tendencies, AND piker accounts :p

    HSI Mini, and Taiwan index would be good also, but not available for US residents.

    Good luck,
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    If you are trading through IB, you have to subsribe to the data. It is free, just go to the account management website and check the subscribe box.
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    Are you in the Eastern Time Zone, US?
  9. Futures are very liquid.

    ETFs like SPY, DIA, QQQQ have fair liquidity, always use limit orders and check against other ETFs and futures.
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