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  1. In the desire to keep my trading choice open, or , plentiful, I am looking into Forex.

    I trade ES/NQ and have just added 10 and 5 year Tnote and 30YR bond to watch list for my set ups.

    Now I would like to add some Forex. I've been doing some research and found the pairs interesting. I've been trading them through FXCM and OANDA simulators.

    But, I'm wondering what futures there are out there for Forex. I see that the Euro and Yen futures are very liquid and seem to trend nicely.

    Are there pairs futures ? and are they liquid and trend nicely ?

    Any experienced traders who would like to share their ideas would be greatly appreciated .
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    Is it worthwhile trading IMM Futures on, say, 15 minute charts.
    Liquidity and fills ok?

    Trading forex would be a new venture for me.

    So comments welcome
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    During the overlap of trading hours between London and New Your the future fills are very good. Depending on the day, once the London market closes the fills start to widen.

    I use futures during the day because its cheaper to trade and OANDA in the evening to trade while the Japanese market is open. The spread at OANDA during the Japanese trading hours is usually 2 to 3 pips. This is much better than getting filled at that hour with a futures contract. Also, OANDA 'guarantees' your stop order fill which is a good selling point. OANDA also makes it possible to trade any lot size which is finer control than a futures contract.

    Summary: during the London/NY overlap use futures because it is cheaper. During overnight and on thin days use OANDA because 2-3 pips is cheaper than the futures slippage incurred and the stop is 'guaranteed'.

    Good trading!