Liquid Commodity ETFs/ETNs available on Thinkorswim

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  1. Here they are, ranked by liquidity. Pls advise if I have missed any good ones (* = has options):

    GLD - Gold *(tracks gold)
    *DBA - powershares AG (corn, wheat, soybeans, sugar)
    *USO - US Oil fund (tracks light sweet crude oil)
    SLV - Silver (tracks silver)
    RJA - agricultural total return

    less liquid but good to watch:

    *DBC - net commodity index
    UNG - nat gas
    *GSG - net commodity index
    RJI - net comm index
    RJZ - metals total return
    RJN - energy total return

    XLB, XME, OIH, XLE, XLB also avail but I looking for instruments which mimic the commodities rather than an basket of stocks

    So an equal portfolio of GLD (16.6% ytd) , SLV (33.8% ytd), DBA (26% ytd) , and USO (6.2% ytd) would yield 20.7% ytd.

    For details on each symbol, see
  2. every etf is available on thinkorswim and every other platform
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    Are there any other etfs that track coal besides kol?