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  1. Is anyone familiar with Lion's Group Trading? I am attending an information session for a Junior Equity Trader position next week.
  2. The following is a description of trading position available at Lion's Group Trading. I will be attending an information session this Thursday and will post my reaction.

    EQUITY TRADER / Full Time Entry Level
    Industry: Financial Services
    Location: New York, Miami
    Company Description:
    Lion’s Group Trading, LLC, a broker-dealer founded, owned and operated by accomplished equity traders, is seeking to expand our ranks. We will sponsor for the series 7 and series 55 (licenses required to trade through a proprietary account) and provide hands on training from experienced traders with a financial stake in your performance.
    Duties & Responsibilities:
    Because we are a growing firm, there exists many exciting opportunities in leadership roles for employees with ambitions beyond trading. This is an Equal Employment Opportunity
    Though quantitative proficiency is helpful, we have traders from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds. A competitive entrepreneurial spirit, self discipline, and adaptability are characteristics required of a successful candidate. If you are interested in achieving success on Wall Street without the traditional corporate structure, send a copy of your resume and a cover letter to: (Equity Trader should be the subject of your e-mail)
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    where'd you hear about them? they got a website? -- I couldn't find one.
  4. To the best of my knowledge, Lion's Group Trading has no website. I will post more information after I attend the information seminar on Thursday. If anyone has a series of good questions to ask during the session, I will gladly incorporate your suggestions.
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    No phone numbers.

    Appears fishy.
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  8. Last night I went to the Lion’s Group Trading information session. Lion’s Group was kind enough to have the event catered, which lends them a great deal of credibility in my opinion.

    Lion’s Group paraded a bunch of 7 figure earners in front of us, each making a few comments. It seems that many of the traders at Lion’s Group got their start at Worldco and created the new LLC in an effort to alleviate some of the draw backs of trading at Worldco. Hence, I think the two organizations are very similar, but that’s just my opinion. However, I believe that the training program at Lion’s Group is superior to that of Worldco and I also believe that new traders would have more exposure to very successful traders. Whether or not they have capital requirements for newbies, remains unclear.

    Patricia N. Monterosso is the firms Director of Business Development. Her email address is
  9. I tried that link, does not work.:confused:
  10. It is not a link. It is an email address.
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