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  1. Hi ..
    This is a question about to use linux instead of windows for trading.. all prop trading firms is using linux but we havea ploblem .. is that i am not finding linux platforms,,, i am using multicharts with windows but somebody have an idea about that some platform in linux for automated trader.. thanks
  2. Most of the stuff that props use is custom written (real props, not props as regularly defined here)

    There's a guy here who posts regularly, tradelink, who promotes some source coding that is broker neutral and supposed pretty easy to set up. Do a search to find him
  3. That's an old question that you'll get a billion answers to. Try Marketcetera. I think it's probably the most advanced in the way of open source goes on linux. Although I'd only suggest it if already know what strategies you want to build 2.know how to program well in Java. 3.understand the underlying dynamics of the software.
  4. i have try tradelink but is supported only for a few brokers i want to us rithmic that like i knoe they has the diamond cutter for linux that is so faster but i need a platform like multichart to send the orders of my systes that is writen in easylang..

    the tradelink is not for rithmic like i know but i do not know if it is possible to program it....

    somebody is using it or another linux platform

    thank you
  5. mickmak


    Not sure what the underlying business reason for Linux is in your case. But in general Linux is used in props so the kernel can be configured to the way they want to, i.e. interrupt handlings, etc.

    If you are not high freq and low latency (in the sense that 10us matters to you) AND you are co-lo, I seriously doubt any reason why Linux is better than Windows.

    You can turn off auto-update, virous detection, etc.
  6. i know tat the ring of kernel in general is most stable.. i know you can configurate it, to take the maximum power of the micro and cores, but with that in mind sorry but is better for all systematic traders use it... specially because is more stable and faster, then always we will send faster the order.... we need proffesional tools is not the matter that is enough sorry this is the market and we need the best that we can affort it of course... then we continue with the topic... someboby knows some linux platforms...
    thank you very much
  7. Interactive Brokers gateway/TWS. API for C++ and Java so you need to code your strategies in one of those languages.
  8. the latency of ib is really big and not give you the real tick data then is impossible to trade with systems is not proffesionals but thanks.. i have seen the tradelink that i can put with rithmic.. than i will see if i can put all in linux we will see if not i will check the speed in windows