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    Any charting software for Linux? Anyone trading with Linux? It seems this is very uncommon. I think Redhat or other Linux companys would have no chance to beat Bill Gates in this area.
  2. No, but there are halfway-decent tools for heavy analysis (esp. options modeling).

    Go to freshmeat and look at the finance category.

    Redi+ may be available on Intel Solaris, which should port to linux without any difficulty.

  3. I've gotten a few mainstream apps running under RedHat 7.1 (Seawolf) with Wine (, and there are a few native apps for Gnu/Linux, such as the very free little Eiffel-MAS (, but I'm not sure about the availability of good commercial grade apps yet.

    I've emailed Equis (makers of Metastock) about porting their software to Linux, and they were open to the idea. I talked to the people at Worden Bros, who make TC2000, and they said they've gotten lots of requests and were considering it. Makes great sense for them, since they're more interested in selling data to you monthly for the rest of your life than selling you software once... I emailed the Tradestation guys, who weren't open at all and seemed insulted by the idea! But then again, I'm lucky I *got* a response from them. I've had a few bad experiences with hostile staff working there.:confused:

    If anyone else is interested in Linux, please email your favorite application companies to show your support for a Linux version of their apps. They don't know if there's a potential market there without hearing from you - yes, YOU!

    Right now, I've got the AmiBroker ( demo running under Wine. I'm just testing to make sure everything is working properly, and then I'll be buying a real copy by the end of next week. So far, it looks good.

    Unless someone can suggest a good quality technical analysis charting app that works natively under Linux?
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    I am interested in Linux and cygwin stuff.

    MAS is good. Need enhancement on the front end. Checkout Easy to add a DB module to support the SQL database for MAS. Scripting for lots of regular tasks.

    The only hope for Linux in this economic environment is developers themselves. Develop open/high quality/easy-to-use/free software and beat commercial micro-softs. This battle needs to go on.

    please keep me informed on good Linux trading stuff. thanks.

  5. I'm trading under linux/win, automated system is under Linux.
    If anyone wants to work on a project to create graphs and such (native not WINE...) PM or EMAIL me, we could work on it together or such.
    There are a couple of cool libraries that run under linux, that could make our work immensely easier.
  6. Unfortunately a Linux port still may not help the Mac user as many of these applications assume Intel hardware even though Macs run a Unix based OS. Apple does make really great laptop hardware.

    The coolest of all would be a Java port, making the charting software platform independent.

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