Linux, LINUX!... for Linux snobs

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gnome, Aug 25, 2005.

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    "I'm running Linux, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah.... I'm smarter than you.... you are a dumbass, 'cause you still use Windows".

    Here's the thread where you Linux snobs can really gloat.... TO EACH OTHER, and those of us who have no choice but to use Windows* because trading platforms require it won't have to listen to this childish blather.

    *Who is to say we would change even if we could?
  2. Well calling your fellow windows users names is probably not the way to make friends .... If I were running $soft I would want an apology from you ...<g>
  3. That's kinda funny that your screen name is gnome. Here I've been thinking you were a gnu advocate.
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    You're right. It IS funny. Hadn't thought of that before.

    In my case, gnome is the "dwarf that guards the treasure"
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    I ran Linux for several months but had to go back to XP because of trading issues. The only real difference I saw between the two was that I got laid a lot more while I was using Linux. The chicks love it. Next time you're in a sports bar and you see some guy wearing thick glasses and a pocket-protector, surrounded by young nubile hotties, you can be assured he's laying down some heavy penguin rap, pal. Drives the babes nuts...

  6. rofl :p
  7. LOL! Because I am a party-monkey I tend to frequent nightclubs and party with women of "loose morals" :cool:

    However, I have yet to see any nerdy Linux geeks (OMG the tautology) get past the door monkey or door-bitch. Hmm, I wonder why?... :D

    Maybe its like you said, an unfair advantage - the women just can't resist those coke-bottle bespectacled handsome devils, with 27 pens in the shirt pocket (wow, that has major pulling power bro) - so they don't get let in...

    Yo yo, da 'Guin is in da house!
  8. Its because we are all married with families ... we already got the girl. <g>

    Actually the $soft people always had the best parties ....
  9. IMHO the best parties have always been the ones Inv Bank sales teams are invited to :D
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