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  1. If you have a few spare minutes, go to and type in the URLs of some well known sites to see how Linux is coming to dominate the web server market including very big sites.

    eg amazon, nyse, google,,,,, and many more.
  2. Hi Craig,

    Very revealing!
    Traders shouldn't forget:,,,
    Besides cboe, is anybody still running anything but linux/unix family (including solaris & AIX)?
    Thanks for the pointer.
  3. Our own studies show that Linux is much, much cheaper than the $soft option on both desktops and servers. On servers its a no brainer to run mail, DNS, webservers (Apache) and even things like directory services on Linux: better performance and much much lower cost. The desktop equation is more of a wash - there appears to be a point in size where your organization reaps few if any cost benefit savings on Linux desktops right now. But for up to a few hundred desktops its a win in our calculations.
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  5. I'm wondering about the business model of Linux community. How the development of a new Linux version is organized? How do they pay for the cost of development?
  6. In addition to the excellent promotional graphic....

    Let me add that we run most - but not all - of our database systems on mysql rather than $racle, $soft sql server , $ybase or $b2.

    We only use any of the $list if an application or vendor requires it and in these instances such applications are targeted for port or elimination when feasible.
  7. Community talent contribution. I think the term OpenSource says a lot.
  8. In fact I just changed my mind about this. I have gone through quite a number of linux variants (distro's) the last few years. The leading ones had their strong and their weak points. Especially if you insist on having an identical desktop on your notebooks as on your workstations. (BTW M$ wasn't really that great on this point, till I gave up on them two years ago).

    As of a couple of weeks ago, I switched my whole computer park to Novell/SuSE 9.3 PRO. I can install this standard on laptops with EVERYTHING going smoother than XP: acpi, fan control, wireless, you name it. (Everybody knows I'm not married to any distro, I simply say what I found out. I'll switch again if I have to.) Yast software upgrade is great too. A pain in the neck is ximian migration from older versions. Newcomers will probably not run into this.
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