Linux client app for IQfeed

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by fan27, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. fan27



    Are there any linux based apps available that will interface with IQfeed and write feed data to disc?

    I see IQfeed has an API so I could write my own if necessary but I prefer not to reinvent the wheel.

  2. flip


    Hi, sorry, can't help you on this. But I would be interested if you were able to find a solution?
  3. Mr_You


    No you have to use WINE and cross your fingers. From what I've read it has seemed to work for a long time now, but its an "unsupported" setup.
  4. fan27


    thanks. perhaps I will write my own utility.
  5. Just use WINE, it's easy.
  6. Tcl



    How much does tickview cost? and did you ask them explicitly if their C++ library runs on linux?
  7. nocloud


    From what I understand, their C++ API is native Linux and it supports pretty much any linux distro one might use.

    You will have to email them to inquire about pricing, they base their prices on how much bandwidth you will probably use and whether you are co-located or not. TickView has the unique ability to control the messaging rate so they can "tune" down the data rate and give you a lower price if you don't need the best resolution possible. For a resolution of approximately 250ms and ~1200 symbols, I was quoted around $200 not including exchange fees.