Linnsoft Investor R/T and Macintosh issues? PC users, too...

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TinGull, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. TinGull


    Hi there,

    I'm curious as to if there are ANY mac users out there on this forum that perhaps use IRT for their charting?

    I seem to be alone in the Mac world and would love some other Mac traders to network with!


  2. 2ticks


    Maybe being one of them instead of one of us is an edge?!

    "Are you really sure you want to trade?"
    "Are you really sure you want THIS trade?"
  3. Tingull,

    How are you finding IR/T for the mac? Any problems, things you don't like? I'm a PC user at this time but have 2 friends who are mac users and I might go that way next year. I've been using IR/T for about 8 months now.

    Kind regards,
  4. TinGull


    IRt is great! The support absolutely rocks...thats the biggest thing for me. There are a couple of things that are...not HUGE deals, but struck me as odd. For instance, they are just the charts. You need to have another data vendor, as you know...and sometimes the charts after hours aren't always the same as they were during the day when the data was accumulating. That being said...not a huge deal cause the data is spot on when you need it to be. AND, the software is fast as hell on my Intel mac....shockingly quick.

    Once again, the support is unreal even when compared to other industries, not just trading. I would go with them for your Mac friends, and the level of support I get from for my feed is also stellar.

    AND....tell your Mac friends to get in touch with me! I'd love to network with other Mac traders.

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  6. I often wonder how Bill and Chad are doing...
  7. Hey Sturm. I am finalizing a deal with Global Futures and RCG to offer me support of QST with their version of RAN Order. I may have to pick your brain to get this seamlessly working. RCG has pledged support of QST.

    Now, after playing with QST, the charts are nice, the indicators are nice, but I prefer to use InvestorRT as my main chart software, etc..

    The Quotes feeding into QST are as fast as my DTN Investor RT solution.

    I Love the trading layout in QST, the Price Ladders are very nice..... But It wont replace InvestorRT as my main charting platform.

    Thanks for all your help Paul, I should know something by next week... If we get this working correctly :) Life will be great......
  8. psturm


    What does InvesRT's charts have that QST's do not?
  9. I think many of us defend our charts and tools because we are used to them. For one trader one platform may be better than another...

    I am sure both platforms have there pluses and minus's....

    Both Linnsoft and QST are invited to become sponsors here...

    Michael B.

  10. Unfortunately I cannot answer that question as I don't know from whence it comes.

    I merely stated that after using QST charts, I PREFER InvestorRT charting.

    If you could elaborate on the basis of your question, I can give a focused answer.

    I am in no wise saying that QST charts are "bad" or inferior. Personal preference drives many a man.

    A Mercedes is not better than a Jaguar, My wife has Benz taste and I prefer Coventry's offerings.

    For many QST charting will be above adequate. When you offer programmable buy sell signals, perhaps at that time I may revisit my preference.

    Again Thanks for all your help Paul.

    Global Futures and RCG are working out the details so that I may enjoy my trading with your platform.

    Once they get me up and cruising, I'll revisit with a more detailed opinion. (Of which I have no doubt will be stellar)


    The Quote page slone is worth it.
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