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  1. Hi, I have the befsr81 model. I am having a major problem with packet loss and lags. We have 5 computers hooked up to it, and the people at cybertrader attribute my log offs and data loss to the router. Does anyone else think this is the case? If so, I am looking for other options that would be possible for letting me keep the 5 computers that we need to work (i have 3 roomates). I don't mind the cost as much as getting accuracy.
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    Hey prae,

    I'm not familiar with that particular Linksys router but I've used a couple of Linksys NIC's and was very disappointed. Packet loss, disconnects, etc. Routers are cheap these days, you might want to consider an SMC router. I'm currently using one and haven't had any problems to date.
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    hi.. I have another linksys router.
    however, I remember vividly my cybertrader time.. all the packet loss and disconnection are because of cyber not you.
    I bet you don't loose packet if you are using another data feed for quotes... if you can't compare, just believe my experience..
    I switched broker and got a datafeed : NO DISCONNECTION..
    linksys are very good routers in my experience.
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    i have the befsr41. aside from one event lasting about 15min where my pc couldn't find the router (i'm 99% sure it was due to my ethernet card, as my laptop also connected to it was perfectly fine) i've never had any trouble with it.

    it's pretty standard for your broker/data provider etc. to blame their issues on your connection or equipment.