Linksys RVS082 - Port Forwarding

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by WinstonTJ, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Does anyone have experience with this router? I'm trying to use port forwarding but having an issue forwarding external port 5xxx to internal port 3389 at a set static IP. It seems that the firmware defaults to forward the lowest number (3389) to the higher number (5xxx) which really does not help me much.

    Trying to set up remote desktop client for multiple computers on a LAN. Since RDT uses port 3389 I'm trying to forward a range of external ports (5xxx) to bounce to internal 3389 at set IPs. This way I can use and hit a specific computer on my LAN.

    This is a rack mount router, not a retail grade one so the firmware is totally different than your standard retail router.

    Would appreciate any help/feedback.