Linking Realtick to Anvil?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by listedguru, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Does anyone here use realtick for charting and anvil for exection? I believe anvil will link with realtick?

    Also does Assent still offer hammertrade? Will it link with the realtick?

  2. Bobarino


    Not in real-time, but for back testing I used real-tick data...... I find its easier and more cost effecient to just use the anvil market data. Beyond that, I use E-Signal for more in-depth info.

    No more hammer trade.... that thing was awful compared to Anvil!! Real-tick should link with Anvil, it links well with most big chart packages.
  3. Yes, RealTick does link with the Anvil platform.

    No more Hammer. It became obsolete when Anvil was rolled out.
  4. borsaci


    I am currently using eSignal with Anvil/Assent. I do find sometimes there is a lag with eSignal

    Though RealTick is a bit more expensive, has anyone found it to be better than eSignal in terms of data consistency? (I trade nyse and nasdaq stocks)

    And what other advantages are there? I read that the symbol limit is greater, does it have any sort of programming equivalent to eSignal's EFS? This is important as I am trying to automate some of my strategies.

    Any other alternative suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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  6. borsaci


    basically i have read in various posts on here that Realtick has similar lag issues to eSignal but most of these posts were in a thread dated in 2005. Any recent experiences?

    Otherwise I seem to read that CQG is a good alternative but I'm guessing more expensive than eSignal or Realtick...?