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    please share your 2 cents
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  2. I guess it's only fair that I've criticized you so long that I try and help. OK, so here is the best way I can put it: you make things too complex. Too complex.

    There is a famous saying (paraphrasing): perfection is not achieved when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing to take away.

    That is the best piece of advice I can give you based on the code I've seen.
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    sorry for typos
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    why don't you recode the sortedQueue differently. Please how would you do the syntax?
    You can see what's floating in my mind
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  5. I wouldn't have a `sortedQueue` to begin with.
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    That’s where I think I fail most of the time. I look at good code, most things are wicked short and concise. My code is a mess of loops, ifs and cases. Is that a design failure or coding style failure?

    PS. There is a whole template game that true UHF people play to reduce WtW latency, would be interesting to get your take on it
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    xTwitter tweet1;
    xString text1;
    text1("x->hello twitter!");
    //tweet text1 and replay1 object as replaying HTML5 chart!!!!
    tweet1.tweet(text1,  replay1);
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    Absolutely no copying whatsoever in sort xSort Object no actual data being pushed into the xQueue

    I'm gonna give you shocking result of benchmark done on offset_ptr<>; compared to Linkers::X containers
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  9. I can't say without reading the code, but I would "guess" design failure.

    I think templates are amazing for high performance computing, so it doesn't surprise me that people use it to reduce latency.
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  10. You're still missing the point. You're stuck in your HFT world, which is fine. You have spent the last X years obsessing about performance, but not about design, so of course you can't understand why I say that I wouldn't have a sortedQueue.
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