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    If you can avoid refactoring, it's better, until you gain substantial value, for the job and possible new flaws (risk). Dilligent refactoring of needed/valuable functionality and bugfixes, can on the other hand increase your code quality and usefulness, since it's been through many iterations of different usages in different settings. Such "trusted code", can become more valuable by such usage and evolve into better systems over time, provided there's investment in its growth, a "gardener" interested in keeping it tidy without sacrificing new/better features.

    All general of course, and not something one readily sees in their first 10 years of programming experience, or without clear goals in mind that trumps programming fun :). A bit crude but: one either spends time building perfect libraries, or spend the time building and researching stuff that provide some actual results and new understanding. You can spend so much time on one library, and then you don't need it anymore, or need it very differently.

    I agree interfaces can help mitigate much of code cruft, though wouldn't want to structure a trading engineso until I got more specs / concrete requirements, and when I'd need to implement from such. Often in school we get served distilled knowledge, but wisdom is from own experience of trying and failing.
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    How about you write code simple enough so you not need Refactoring ;)
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  3. Sassy.

    Everything is a tradeoff and the right tradeoff comes with experience. I do agree with the general idea that you should not refactor until something is paying for the refactoring, be it a client or product revenue.

    For example, I have a commercial product that has been on the market for nearly a decade now, steadily making me a great ROI. I didn't bother rewriting it until I had earned at least a half mill from it, which was a few years ago. That rewrite took me about 4 months and the result is something that is more stable and extensible based on my experience from the past few years. And it's been steadily making money since.

    This is generally how I make my decisions when it comes to refactoring.

    However, if I'm doing client work, I'll sell refactoring if they can afford it because the long term benefits outweigh the short-term costs. Also, if the cost of refactoring can be dramatically reduced thanks to the tools (i.e., Typescript), maybe it can even be a non-decision and just a step in the process.
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    Do you have specific criticisms of the [Resharper] tool? Thanks.
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  5. It's not really a problem with the tool. Best way to put it: it's a great tool in the hands of a master and a stick of dynamite in the hands of their lessers.

    For example, a common thing people like to do with Resharper is to use it to change/format their code. Great, that's a feature it has and can be used, but then you end up with commits that have a ton of automated changes and two lines of actual changes. Try maintaining discipline around this, it requires a team effort.

    I would rather have a team of people that don't need Resharper than those who do, because those that don't will know how to use it better than those who do.
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  7. Are you high all the time or is this the game you play to make people in the industry think you're a genius.
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    as i said, the devil is in the details...
    .... and the most important thing....

    ....sometimes dimming the lights makes the picture clearer....

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