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  1. I just spent the last 2 hours on linkedin developing my profile. Ultimately, when you meet someone they will probably check you out on Google and this is impressive if you have a well written profile.

    However, like everything else on the internet, you can make-up things as you go along. I will admit, I made up a few things in my profile. I also cut and pasted a few things that seemed to read well from others profiles.
  2. Maybe its just me, but myself and other full time professional traders l know tend to try and remain private, rather less keen on showmanship ! I Google myself quite often too, however cannot seem to get rid of my live poker tournament scores from 2006 and 2007 ( was number 5 and then 8 out of 9000 ) :cool:
  3. LinkedIn ? Isn' that if you want to be part of the rat race ?
    Or maybe if you are a consultant but a trader ?
    People have no idea how much info this type of entertainment gives to total strangers. It's frightening.
  4. The good thing about LinkedIn is that you can set the privacy levels so not everyone can view the profile.

    Lets say you are a retail day-trader using IB like most here on Elitetrader. You can set up a profile on LinkedIn so that only your connections can see it.

    So lets say you go to a trader's convention or meet someone online in a trading chatroom or whatever, then you can send them your profile.
  5. not all the Bozo retail traders on here use ib.....Maybe on your linkedin page you can tell them which bathrooms to meet you in when you go to those heinous trader conventions
  6. Exactly, no one is going to give a shit about your stupid facebook/myspace/livejournal/linkinprofile bullshit.
  7. Oh yes, global friend networks :D
  8. They usually do care if your trades are going in the right direction. This guy wouldnt be getting over 30,000 hits per day if no one cared:

    Linked-in is a semi-private networking website meaning that you can set your profile to only be viewed by certain people or select what information you want to be put out there. Its much better then facebook or myspace where all of your information is simply out there for the trolls and hooligans on elitetrader to re-post.

    All the multiple aliases on elitetrader would never be able to make it to linked-in because you need to get invited to someone's contact list first. If your sitting behind a few terminals at your private residence like a hermit or troll with no life and trading your holy-grail strategy, sure linked-in is not for you.

    However, if you know a circle of people then its perfect. You can place your little circle into a semi-private linked-in page.

    Myspace, friendster, etc. are good ways to get your name out there too. When someone types in your name on Google, and you know they will, there are 3 things that can happen. 1) Bad stuff shows up like arrests, judgements, you drugged out etc. 2) Nothing shows up which means either you are allergic to the internet or dont want to be found, equally bad as #1

    or 3) They find pages that demonstrate a positive healthy personality like a myspace page full of friends and fun pictures.

  9. excuse me but why you would want to be out in the open on the internet if not to derive some income is beyond me. Oh Ok narcisssim perhaps then ...
    It's healthy to be on Facebook ? That's for sheeps.
    You certainly do not need to be on the internet except if you want to be a winner in the rat race.
  10. I used to manually goole myself as well. I discovered google alerts and now google does a bunch of custom searches for me every day. When something new pops up, I get an e-mail. Heck, I even have an alert set up on my long-lost brother's name, the name of my little town (for news items), etc.

    I read someplace that you really should do this, just to protect your own good name. It's a well-known fact that googling names is the "poor man's background check". What if someone with the same name was a sex offender or convicted of securities fraud? You gotta get in front of stuff like that just in case.

    Kinda creepy, huh?
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