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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by youn56, Apr 17, 2009.

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    I want to trade microlots Forex (0.01$ the pips) but unfortunately TS doesn't allow to do it. Then i found a broker who uses MT4 to make it.
    My strategies are running with the TS platefrom and i would like to execute them in the MT4 plateform. I have developped two codes :
    1 - Easy language to export in a text file the signals.
    2 - In MT4, a code to import the text file and to execute the signals.
    I don't have any problem to create the text file with TS but i meet difficulties to execute the signals in MT4.
    My MT4 code works correctly but sometimes some error appears and i'm not able to resolve them.
    Does an interface exist to link TS to MT4 ? (I've used few years ago dynastore to link TS and FXCM, i'm looking for something like that).

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  2. I don't understand why you don't just translate the EL code to MT4 and get everything running there, or am I missing something?
  3. youn56


    2 reasons :

    1 - My TS strategies are using Dll's to generate orders.

    2 - I prefer EL to work.

    I'm just looking for more reliability with MT4. My MT4 code works correctly but when i have several orders (i trade 5 symbols with differents strategies) in a same time, some error occured. I thought a solution exists.
  4. I seriously doubt you’ll be able to do it that way. ( but am not 100% sure).
    Maybe you could have some alerts on TS and then enter orders manually with your broker.
  5. youn56


    Yes, I'm able to do it. I've written a MT4 code to do it but i meet difficulties when several orders (3 or 4) are generated simultaneous by TS. Then, i have some error in MT4 like "requote" or "invalid price".
    I actually work to resolve those problems. I would prefer spend my time to search and find stratégies. This is the reason of my request.

    I'm going to try a new version next week. I hope it will resolve my problems.
  6. You can try
    there are some good programmers there who know the ins and outs of MT 4.
  7. youn56


    Thank you for your help.
    My new version seems working correctly for the moment. Any error from my MT4 code.