Link Sterling Trader to Outside Prgrams

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mastertrader456, May 19, 2012.

  1. Im wanting to know if it is possible to link sterling trader to an outside program. For example. When I type a symbol into my montage is it possible to code a program that will record the typed symbol and immediately input that into another program.

    I have an outside news service. And each time I type in a new symbol in Sterling I want that symbol to immediately populate into the outside news service search box. So each symbol change will populate all the news for that stock automatically. Without me having to manually type it in the news service. Saving valuable seconds. I know sterling has its own news services and esignal does as well but they are not comprehensive.

    Would this be a C++/Windows API endeavor?
  2. Using C# to accomplish this. Any tips would be appreciated.
  3. Occam


    I think it would be easier to go the other way around -- write your own top-level program that uses whatever order input methods you code yourself, send symbols to some news app, etc.; then use the Sterling API to place the orders.

    A related idea: there are ways to control Windows programs with scripts, and these libraries may be helpful in your case to control Sterling and any other apps you're running. (But again, I think it will only work if you do your own stuff at the top level.)