Lindsay Lohan Poses Naked In Bid To Mimic Monroe

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  1. OK, two things. I suppose nothing this girl does should surprise anyone. Also, I have never understood why anyone considered her hot.

    So you've been warned. She posed in a series of shots designed to replicate a famous spread done by Marilyn Monroe. Anyone who has seen picture of MM will know that she failed miserably. MM was one of the hottest looking women in history. Lindsay is not. Anyone who wants to argue that point look at slide 4. I may not be able to eat dinner after that one.
  2. Ugh. Yer right, not even close.

    Not that I wouldn't bang her. I got low standards...
  3. Nice tits but she definitely needs a freckle-ectomy
  4. Marilyn had a face, she had a tummy and an ass, she was vulnerable , Lindsay hasn't her face or ass...nor is she vulnerable. And there is nothing wrong with freckles! connect the may be worth your while.
  5. bespoke


    Back in the day, I worked as a bottom of the barrel movie extra. I was in two of her movies. She looks like ass up close. Freckles everywhere... everywhere. Plus shes a total bitch.

    But I too have low standards so I'd hit it too.
  6. Beautiful tits and natural too, I think.
  7. Yikes.
    The B&W just pic's dont work at all. Looked like a granny with peroxide hair.
  8. hcour

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    What a ridiculous idea. I think is Lohan is pretty, but she doesn't resemble MM in the slightest and she has a different kind of figure. Her face looks terrible in that wig and the photography sucks.

    This is just NYM peddling soft-porn as "ART" to sell a few more mags and get some publicity. What bullshit.

  9. hcour,

    Yes, I agree. That's what I thought was so odd. She doesn't look anything like MM.
  10. most celebrities look like crap without makeup and airbrushing. check out some of the candid pics online where they didn't wear any makeup. yuck. there are plenty of everyday, non-celebrities who look better.

    you need to subtract 3-4 on the 10-scale to adjust for the makeup/airbrush factor. ie, if a chick is an 8 in a magazine, she's a 4-5 in real life.
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