Lindsay Lohan Going into Rehab!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hcour, May 29, 2007.

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    After being arrested for driving under the influence this wknd and then being photographed passed out drunk in a friend's car the next day, Lindsay Lohan has apparently entered a -

    Ah, who gives a shit.

  2. If she would just sober up a little bit I would hit on it...:)
  3. A pink shirt, gold watch, six pack and a boat should do it for you then, version...
  4. send her to oj; he will straighten her out.

  5. Haha yeah a six pack of Bud. She is easily the most useless person on the planet, followed closely by Paris Hilton and Britney 'Kojak' Spears.
  6. Agree 100%
  7. Better make sure you bag it. She's been tossed around the club/drug scene so much....her box is probably so infected your dick would fall off just smelling it.
  8. This thread is turning gay pretty fast...:(
  9. She is worth about $7 million.
  10. I have a brutal health regimen she will have to love.

    I haffe detailed files.:cool:
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