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  1. I read a thread last night that I have been unable to find again. There was a comment that the person still uses a moving average crossover from Linda Rascke's books. The crossover was used to scalp the eminis. Would someone please tell me what the moving averages are and whether they are simple or exponential? Thank you.
  2. Sound kinda like her so-called "Holy Grail" setup?

    Wait for 14 period ADX > 30
    Wait for a retracement to the 20 EMA
    Trail an entry stop above (for longs) or below (for shorts) the last retracement bar.

    Usually an MA cross involves 2 or more MA's but I don't recall seeing Linda using anything like that.
  3. Try searching "Raschke" to find the thread again.
  4. Sounds like a fancy way of saying buy a higher low at the end of a pullback. (Only it's not quite as nuanced.)
  5. That's basically it. Nuttin' fancy.

    The EMA and ADX are visual crutches to see if it's trending and when there's a pullback.
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    He was referring to a 3-10-16 simple moving average MACD.
  7. Thanks for the great replies. Btw, the 3-10-16 simple moving average MACD seems to be a useful timing indicator.
  8. That's a holy grail? What?

    Someone code this up and backtest it.

    What is her exit criteria?
  9. at least spell her name right...
  10. Had a friend try her set-ups in realtime.
    Lost his shirt.
    Never traded again.
    True story.
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