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    I was wondering if anyone has ever used her chat room service? Was it any good? I have no intention of signing up myself but as a huge market wizards fan i find it strange she would be doing this.

    Far be it from me to criticise, if reports are to be believed she has made more money in some years than I will probably make in a lifetime but im finding it hard to imagine a "market wizard" now charging people to follow her trades.

    For a systematic trader as she appears to be surely you are killing the golden goose by sharing your approaches with other people.. just seems strange.
  2. She WAS a market wizard, there got to be a reason she turned to the vendor business....(blow up ?)
  3. Why? Maybe she likes human contact. teaching stuff to people. I do.
  4. One day, someone asked me:

    "If Perry J. Kaufman is so good at trading, why does he need to write books?"

    Come on people!!!
  5. Most Vendors are Charlatans. You see those monkeys here all the time and bozos still fall for their shite. :D

    In this case why don't you take the free trial and find out? Heck, even if you paid for a month, it is not that much to find out. Then you can form an opinion for yourself.
  6. I believe she is the real deal. I have not used her chat room service but I did get a free web chat with her and she provided a couple of tips that have helped me tremendously. As to her motivation I did get the feeling she enjoys being around people, and nothing she uses is a "state" secret or proprietary so I certainly can buy that at this point she doesn't want to be "just" a trader to make money but enjoys the variety of being on financial shows and having her own chat service.
  7. I was in her room for about half a year.

    The ES trades which were called by one of her subworkers actually made some money (but nothing outstanding). The losses in the Russell trades which were called by another one of her minions more than offset the gains in the ES. She herself called some longer term trades in all kinds of markets which thank God I only followed on paper. A complete mess. I guess there´s a reason why they never showed any track records.

    I contacted them just once because of an error of their website. I was treated like an idiot until the minion finally got off his butt to check it and admitted the error but never did anything to correct it.

    What I found interesting was all the cheering for winning trades but nobody ever lost a single word about the losing ones. Maybe they are faking customers too. Or by some magic everybody else avoided the losers.

    Personally I didn´t get anything (learn) out of the room. Taken together all of her setups appear just like pure chaos to me and all her comments in the room were more distracting than helping. OK that´s only me and for somebody else it might be THE way of trading.
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    After reading Market Wizards I decided to take a look at her site. There was a free trial period so I said...what the heck...let's see how these guys trade. Long story short...I was sitting on the stock room where this guy was calling a dozen of trades like he was the fastest trader on earth. Stock A is showing setup bla bla bla, Stock B setup bli bli bli and so on. This went on for about a couple of days.

    So I really got curious because not only he gave these "setups", he also gave the impression that he was trading them. I got curious and sent him a private message asking if he was trading those "setups".

    LOL....his answer came back in seconds and it could not be more rude. Basically he said that it was not my business asking that kind of question and that I should refer to the disclaimer on the site.

    Enough take for what is worth. Wizard traders my ass.
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    So her S&P calls werent 70% win rate with 2:1 win size ratio, like she claims she does in New Market Wizards.. i am shocked :confused:
  10. I have got a lot of great information from her. I don't know a thing about how good her chat service is or isn't, or any calls she has made but as far as learning about trading and teaching I think she is a tremendous asset to the trading community. If you sign up for the mailing list on her website they do a lot of free webinars and you can judge for yourself.
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